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I Luv You Lord

In 'I Luv You Lord', Peace Ige reintroduces Jesus to us, from some distant Lord floating in the heavens to a Lover standing right next to us...approachable, touchable, lovable. Filled with rich instrumentations; from the afro-centric brass to the interlude-perfect Gangan (Talking Drum) beats, "I Luv You Lord" is a song that summons every worshipper to lavish the most intimate words and praises upon the one who himself is Love.

Know you more

A 2nd Single from Peace Ige, 'Know You More' is likewise a timeless tune as it draws us all to seek God's face and turn back to Him; a message we need always and perhaps more than ever in a time where a pandemic plagues the world.

Our God is Able

Our God is Able' is a song born out of prayer, and has a vast number of testimonies to its credit right from the day it was composed. Even as the writer and singer of this God-focused song, I have been blessed and so are my friends and family whom I have shared it with from the onset of its birth.